Complete range of Bed Size options

Going bed shopping is not as easy as it sounds in bed size comparison. You’re not just going out to buy some random piece of furniture. You’re going out to buy that one piece of furniture which will play such an integral role in your everyday life. This furniture will offer you warmth, comfort and you will look forward to seeing that bed size all day long.

King Bed Size

Bed Size Choices

When you hit the store, you will face a number of choices. Twin bed size, Double bed size i.e full bed size, King bed size, and even California King
bed size
. How do you choose from all of these beds?King Bed Size

Well, first off, you at least have to see how many people will be sleeping in that bed. is it for your teenage son? Or do you and your wife plan to sleep on it? Based on that you can do a bit of short listing for the initial stages.

Bed size comparison is a necessity when purchasing a bed. This is the next and most crucial step of buying a bed. You have a standard six sizes to choose from: Twin bed size, Twin XL size, Full-size bed size, Queen size bed size, King size bed size and California king bed size.

Comparison between Twin Bed Sizes

Now comparing the King Bed Sizefirst two, the twin bed size and the twin XL size, these two have the same width. The only difference lies in their lengths. The twin XL size is for people more taller than average. They both have a width of 39 inches but the length of the normal twin sized bed is 74 inches and 80 inches respectively. You can confirm all this by using bed size chart.

Full Bed SizeKing Bed Size

The full bed size is larger than the twin sized ones and is smaller than the queen bed size. The full bed size is for the purpose a single individual and is roomy enough to provide a comfortable night of sleep. It’s width is 54 inches whilst its height settles at 74 inches, the same as a normal sized twin bed.

Queen Bed Size

Now the length of the queen size bed size and the tin sized XL bed is the same. Both are 80 inches with regard to length confirmed with bed size chart. however, when it comes to width, the queen sized bed is more roomier as it has a larger width of 60 inches.

King Bed Size

King Size Bed

The king bed size also shares the same length and only faces a difference of the width which is 76 inches. It s the King Bed SizeCalifornia King size bed size which is the largest in terms of both length and width, which 84 inches and 72 inches, respectively.

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